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I have spent most of my adult life buzzing between underground stations and busy city streets. I have made the early morning train to London my second home and the late train back a somewhat begrudging friend. My job was in the city, I met Ebony in the city and I thought the city was where iI'd be forever. How funny it is now that when Baby Jogger suggested I tested out the City Mini 10th Anniversary out in a city I had to sheepishly admit I don't think I'm going to a city...not this week, not next week and not this year. We've become quite comfortable with our morning ocean walks and New Forrest adventures and I really have no desire to head out to a city in the near future., so I suppose our daily adventures have changed somewhat, but it’s amazing that no matter what, we can take Daisy along for the ride, safely tucked in to her pushchair.


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However, the show must go on! I decided to try and think of somewhere local, where we could go on a bit of an adventure that had the same landscape of a city and I came up with Llymington. Okay okay so it's a small harbour village with a fish and chip shop and a few cute cafes. Not exactly London at rush hour. HOWEVER with it'sits sloping streets, old cobbles and hidden pathways I thought it would be good to give a go and it was great for Ebony and I to introduce Daisy to new places and reminisce about our London days. !

First things first. The stroller is quite big and you might think we'd have some trouble getting it in my totally unsuitable car. You would be wrong. It went into the boot without an issue super simply thanks to the one hand fold system and auto lock feature and came out just the same. So far so good!

As you all know I am no expert so I'm not sure if the one wheel at the front makes a different to the overall control (maybe I should have asked before doing the post) but I can tell you it definitely feels like it does. Sometimes strollers feel like you need to have a hardcore gym routine just to be able to turn sharply with them, however with the City Mini 10th Anniversary it is effortless.


The cobbles I like to think of as the pinnacle of the seaside assault course. A real make or break moment for the stroller. As we approached there was a trepidation felt that could have only come from the fact we really were not doing much else exciting that day.  aha - aAs we began I was surprised on by how easily we charged through the cobbles and as Daisy decided to make funny noises as we went over each bump I became sure that it had been a success.

Shortly after that something happened that is what I think we'd call in parenting terms, a home run. Daisy fell asleep. This my friends is proof that the City Mini 10th Anniversary is comfort comfortable because believe me, our girl doesn't sleep in just any stroller! The special edition City Mini has premium knit fabric and soft cognac lLeatherette accents so it's clear Daisy is already a lady of high quality (haha).

The rest of our visit i'llI’ll be honest was spent in the comfort of a coffee shop looking out on the harbour. The City Mini 10th Anniversary performed brilliantly during this time but there isn’t too much to write home about, when you’re sitting in a coffee shop. All in all, it was a great success. The stroller looks great and performed well. The coffee from the coffee shop was also brilliant incase case anyone was wondering.


Life is good.