Not long ago I ran the first The 'Positivity Project', a month long collaborative workshop that aimed to help 25 of you get more out of your every day life. I can’t help but look back on the experience an smile.

Over the month I watched friendships blossom, people unburden years of stress and some of you take steps forward in your life that surpassed all expectation. We had people finally reach out for professional help, people return to work, rekindle old passions and even someone take that step and head off to university.We created a space where likeminded people could come together, share, and inspire each other forward and it was fun. So fun in fact I wanna do it all again

If you are struggling to find happiness, if you feel you are stuck in a rut and wanting something to change then i would love to hear from you. As i try and mention a lot, I am in no way a professional and this is in no way an alternative to professional help. This is simply me sharing some of the techniques i’ve used to bring the light back into my life.

The workshop will last almost a month and include weekly emails, daily tasks and a private facebook group which will become our hub. If you feel like you have the time to commit a little each day i’d love you to let me know why you’d like to be included below. I will pick 25 people at random and we will start Monday 3rd December.

Thank you x