It's December, it's freezing and today what started out as a look back on my collaboration with Baby Jogger has become more of an overall look back on the year. Man, what a year it's been. As I look back on the blog posts I've done as part of this partnership I am reminded of so many memories, I am brought back in time to the moment the photos were taken and can't help but smile. I thought it could be fun to look back over the blog posts, recap on what they were about and then add a little personal memory to each of them. Let's start at the beginning.

The first blog post i did was called 'It's All Change'. This focused on the announcement of our collaboration and was at a time when I was using the City Mini GT to take early morning walks into our local village with Daisy. I remember how important it was that the stroller had such a brilliant sunshade, our old buggy was a nightmare in the sun as Daisy would be constantly twisting and turning to get away from it. Gosh, those walks felt like a lifetime ago. It would take about three hours in total, through the fields, past the fruit and veg man and finally ending up by the cricket pitch. What beautiful memories.

The second post was all about our new house adventure, it was all about parenthood and the pursuit of adventure. We were just in the process of making the big move to the seaside and the photos are of us and the City Tour LUX exploring our local coastline and the New Forrest for the first time. This was such a massive step for us, such a massive adventure but sometimes deep down in your heart you just know it's the right thing to do.

The third post was my first official pram review of the City Mini GTTour LUX and it mades me chuckle thinking about that now. Me...reviewing.. reviewing prams?! When did I turn from this reckless teenager to a parent. Life moves so fast. You guys gave me some lovely feedback and i'mI’m so glad. You can find out all about the City mini GTCity Tour LUX here.

 The fourth post was all about the City Mini GT 10th Anniversary, which comes in a i in limited edition  anniversary fashion. Man, I absolutely loved this buggy and it came just as we started our new adventure and moved into the new house. I love the classic Baby Jogger three wheel aesthetic and so far it's been across sand, cobbled streets and forgotten forest paths. it's amazing!

The fifth post was all about our City adventure which made me chuckle because I ended up writing it about a little harbour village because we were not going to a City anytime soon. It was a great reminder on how quickly life can change and we had the most magical time watching the boats bob up and down in the harbour as time floated by and nice to spend time somewhere a little busier, much like we used to before Daisy came along. Lymington is a beautiful place with real character and I felt so lucky to be walking with my little family over the cobbled streets and it’s great to go on new adventures as a family. .

The sixth post was all about the CityGo iSize infant carseat, it was another review but it also really brought me back to how iI felt at the start of the year when Daisy was born and how frightened I was about that first drive home. I stressed so much about getting the right stuff and so i'mI’m hopefully people found my post helpful. I wish I could have told myself not to worry so much, that parenting is built in deep within you and that you'd be fine. The anticipation was terrifying but the reality...the reality is something out of this world.

To end, I want to say a massive thank you to Baby Jogger for being a part of such an important year for me and more importantly giving me the confidence to do this crazy job for a career. Let me tell you some of the awesome things they have coming up in 2019.

You've got the City Mini and the lightweight and compact City Tour range  & The City Mini  premiering a whole new, sleek look and both pushchairs will be able to be used from birth. Baby Jogger will also be launching the City Tour Double which is a side-by-side double pushchair. It’s Baby Jogger’s most compact double pushchair yet and at 66.5cm wide, will fit through most doorways. It is going to be the most compact pushchair yet weighing just 10.3kg, making it lighter than some single pushchairs. It’s definitely one to look out for next year and will be ideal for travelling with twins or siblings. Not only that, but  and you've got a full range of new fashions for the City Select. So keep your eyes peeled for these exciting changes from Baby Jogger!

Baby Jogger is a brand you can trust and it’s products are, designed for dynamic parents who want to continue life’s adventures with baby in tow, and it’s certainly helped us to do that. It’s  a brand that cares for the family and a brand that can grow with you and your special little ones. I can't thank them enough for letting me be apart of part of this.