OUR NEW HOUSE ADVENTURE (BabyJogger City tour LUX) #ad


It's Friday and we are sat at a cafe by the sea. It's quiet, half empty and feels very much like a place for the locals, situated just a few miles down from the main tourist spots. I’m not from Bournemouth and have no real connection here but for some reason life has taken me to this spot a few times. It has always sparked me as odd, but as I sit drinking my coffee with Daisy and Ebony, it all makes sense. Life has taken me home.

As part of an ongoing collaboration with Baby Jogger, we wanted to write about parenthood and the pursuit of adventure together. The biggest adventure in my life right now (and one you may or may not know about) is that we have recently bought our first family home. It's distanced me from where I have lived my whole life, away from the familiar streets and memory strewn country roads. This can be a stressful situation for anyone, not to mention with a baby. I'll be honest, for a second, I doubted we could do it - then I remembered the promise I made to myself. Having children should never stop the adventure, instead it should become it. I want our little girl to grow up to the sound of crashing waves and to spend ourSundays exploring New Forest with Tilly. And you know this little café, the one that so politely keeps showing up in my life throughout the years? Well, this little café is my new local, and today it marks the start of us exploring the new area with our baby girl... and you best believe our Baby Jogger City Tour LUX is coming with us.


Leaving the café, we ended up at one of Ebony's childhood walks, a New Forest trail that follows an old railway track. I've never seen Tilly have so much fun! She didn't stop running. The only thing I hope is that we can teach her to avoid cyclists, before we get into some real trouble baba. On the way back, we took the road less travelled, and I ended up building one of those childhood forts with old sticks. I used to spend hours doing them as a kid and it turns out I hadn’t improved much since then either. Even Daisy looked somewhat embarrassed by my attempt! Still, it was nice to lose track of time for a little while. I do want to take a moment of appreciation for The City Tour Lux. This stroller has been everywhere with me in the last few months and has definitely passed every test i've put it through. A few of you guys have asked what it was in my last post and so I wanted to mention it properly again. I truly could not recommend it highly enough. It's ultra compact (fitting in Ebony's tiny Fiat 500) which means it's been with us on all the adventures. It's also super lightweight and I am happy to confirm it's been lifted over both a swamp and a river haha! On the opposite side of the scale, being lightweight has also made it a lifesaver while navigating the London tubes. Because it has reversible seating, can accept an infant carrier or be used with its foldable carrycot it has the capacity to be used from birth which means it's a stroller than can grow with you, from that nervous first trip outside until the last time they step down and start exploring the world with their own two feet. 

As we walked, Ebony asked me if I was worried about moving. After all, apart from the time I spent on tour, I've always lived around Reading and a stone’s throw from my family home. Truth is, I'm not. I will miss being close to my family more than anything but I know this is the right decision. I promised myself a while back that instead of pursuing success or status, I would seek to be happy, to be healthy and to love. This is the place for us. Since having Daisy, I’ve gravitated towards the stillness in life. I want to swap the buzz of commuter trains for the sound of the ocean, and switch stressful meetings for the silence of the forest. I want Daisy to learn to put contentment before material gain, and I have to practice what I preach. Before we knew it, the heavens opened and we sought shelter in the car and began the journey back to what would be the short time left at our current home.

As we drove, I kept thinking about adventure and how it can mean different things to different people. Right now, for us it's starting this new chapter by the sea. Adventure to me means morning walks, winter swims and creating new traditions. Adventure means watching our daughter grow up to see the world in wonder, and understand that happiness doesn't cost a thing.  The questions is, what does adventure mean for you?